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Welcome to the Free It Up Dance Studio. The studio is open to hires for activities such as rehearsals, dance classes, dance workshops, photography, social media, videography, private dance lessons and yoga.

The studio space contains:

  • 6metres x 1.8m high mirrors

  • Large speaker with mixing board - connect via bluetooth, usb, audio jack or rca cables.

  • Wood laminate flooring

  • Male and female bathroom / change rooms

  • Fan

  • Green zone / stretch area

  • LED lighting and natural light via skylights

  • Drink available for purchase*

  • Sanitiser

Important notes:


  • You must be over the age of 18 to hire the studio.

  • If you will be running dance / fitness classes you will need to provide a copy of your public liability / dancers insurance to with your hire booking. 

  • We are a covid safe facility -

    • Social distance at all times,

    • Class sizes capped to 20 people in total

    • If any visitor is showing signs of cold or flu you must not enter the studio.

  • Booking changes

  • Terms ​Update: 31/1/2021 - Bookings for hires may be rescheduled to another time convenient to you, with sufficient notice as specified below, however please note that cancellations are no longer supported.​

    • For hires with duration <  4 hrs - 24hrs notice is required for any booking change or to reschedule, otherwise the booking and pre-payment will be forfeited.

    • For hires with duration => 4 hrs - Please read full terms and conditions.​

  • ​​Arrival time

    • Late arrivals  - Please note that the studio is not staffed at all hours. If you will be more than 10-15min late please contact us so that staff is aware. Failure to do so may result in your booking being forfeited.

    • ​​Early entry or failure to vacate the Studio at the end of the hire period may result in additional charges. 
    • Bookings will not be extended due to late arrival.​

  • Please note hiring the studio for the purpose of drumming, singing or music can occur only after 5pm. Sound must be kept to a relatively low level between the hours of 8am-5pm.

  • For hires > 2 hours or recurring hire requests, please email us at

  • Read full terms and conditions prior to your initial hire available here:

Restricted uses:

  • Unfortunately the studio can not be hired for the following activities. Gymnastics / acrobatics classes, arts classes involving the use of paint, private parties / events serving alcohol/food. If you are uncertain or would like to discuss the potential use of the studio please contact us.