Soca is the music and dance of Caribbean style Carnivals across the world. It is vibrant, positive , energetic and a great way to keep fit. The Soca fitness dance classes capture the vibrant nature and culture of Carnival dance and music.

Learn to isolate and control your core body movement, learn to rotate your waistline aka Wine (or aka Whine in Jamaica) , build cardiovascular fitness and most importantly let go of your stress and feel free. "Free It Up".

Soca fitness is designed to be easy to follow, and is open to all levels of dance and fitness.

Soca music was developed in the Caribbean. It is a celebratory style of music and is a blending of the African calypso and East Indian rhythms of the twin isles of Trinidad and Tobago.

Many Caribbean islands have their own unique styles of soca, incorporating the varied musical and cultural influences found on these islands. Examples of Soca include:

Groovy Soca

Power Soca

Dennery Segment

Bashment Soca