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Carnival is an all ages celebration in the Caribbean. There are dedicated Kiddies Carnivals where children of all ages jump, wave their flags, dress in costumes and dance to the music of Carnival, a vibrant fusion of African and East Indian rhythms.


We invite parents and their children to participate in our new Carnival Dance Kids

This class will teach your tots and children to:
Respond to the music with fundamental movements such as walk, run, twist, bend, body shapes and levels etc,

Learn fun skills like Limbo
Repeat short movement sequences
Move to different tempos
Work with other children in dance games

Dance offers many benefits to children including:
Improved balance, co-ordination and control
Improved spatial awareness
Fosters creativity
Helps to cultivate communication skills and expression


Classes will be held by dance instructors with WWC certification. We are a covid safe facility – ensure that social distancing is maintained, if you or your child are sick / showing symptoms of cold /flu you please do not attend.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


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