Salsa is a fun Latin style of dance, most commonly danced with a partner or individually (known as Shines). Salsa has deep Caribbean and African roots, and is based on different Cuban genres such as Cuban Son. It involves footwork, turns, and upper body movement and styling.


Salsa comes in many shapes and forms. Being a popular music form across the Caribbean, in South, Central and North America, it is constantly evolving.


Some common styles include:


New York style (On-2)

Salsa Casino (Cuban style)
Salsa Casino (Miami style)
Afro-Latino style
Cali style (Colombian Salsa)
Rueda de Casino

The key instrument that provides the core groove of a salsa song is the clave. It is often played with two wooden sticks (called clave) that are hit together. Every instrument in a salsa band is either playing with the clave (generally: congas, timbales, piano, tres guitar, bongos, claves (instrument), strings) or playing independent of the clave rhythm (generally: bass, maracas, güiro, cowbell).

Our basic salsa classes will contain elements of New York style, Cuban and Miami (On-1 Linear)